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Undertale X Requiem Cafe Shirt! Robert Moses very much falls into this category. Both men acknowledged their debt to Robert A. Caro’s epic 1974 biography. But Hare’s own research has led him in different directions. “Basically Caro sees Moses in terms of power,” he said. “He brilliantly captures the accumulation of power as if he loved it for its own sake. I think it might be a false charge. I think he had a vision of what New York should be like, ideally starting with the idea of ​​emancipating the working classes. When public opinion completely changed, when the car ceased to be a source of liberation and began to be seen as a source of oppression, he was unable to adapt to his vision. That’s true for so many of us. I have dedicated my life to people who have ideas and persevere with them in the face of changing reality. 

To me, that seems to be a subject of great tragedy. It’s not about urban planning. It’s about all of us. In depicting Moses’ vision withered and dried up during the two acts, Fiennes achieved an extraordinary physical transformation. Before your eyes, he seems to have grown older and more dignified. “I was over 50 and in the first half, I had to recommend someone in their late 30s. I got a little extra hair help here,” he said, smiling and stroking his drooping roots. “Then, in the second half, I was helped by a big, thick two-piece, giving the impression of weight. Fiennes continued: “It is important not to resort to grotesque makeup, which shows the age difference in someone who is a bit heavier but still very active. Undertale X Requiem Cafe Shirt! “In all the old pictures and footage, you see someone who has strengthened themselves. There’s a great clip of him being interviewed, challenged on why he thinks communities are being destroyed by his streets.