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Nice The Little Drummer Christmas T-shirt! When the Fashion Act was introduced in New York in January, it received some support and a lot of criticism. Now, the coalition behind it has introduced amendments it says will “clarify and strengthen” the bill allowing it to achieve, if passed, emissions reductions and supply chain improvements. different that its proponents intended from the outset. After the climate law passed in the US midterm elections last week failed to address the fashion industry, the Fashion Act has come under pressure to unite stakeholders and drive change. Updates to the bill include stronger requirements for chemical use and climate goals, more specific assessment criteria, and expanded enforcement provisions. Most importantly for many critics, the revised bill now also provides for joint and some liability between fashion sellers and garment workers.

Meaning garment workers can directly bring made a legal claim against brands for lost wages, which the original version did not include. Activists who criticized the original bill said it was a major improvement. “We are pleased to see that the New York Fashion Act has now brought this powerful, worker-led legal concept to the international level,” said Ayesha Barenblat, founder of the non-profit organization Remake. ” Ayesha Barenblat, the founder of the non-profit organization Remake, said of the revision that includes the brand’s liability for workers’ rights. Nice The Little Drummer Christmas T-shirt! However, there are still gaps that need to be addressed before she can fully support the bill, she said. “While the bill is now on track, we urge lawmakers not to leave loopholes or misinterpret it. Momentum has been built for sustainable fashion law, but the Fashion Act will be the most comprehensive to date, covering social and environmental impact in a click.