Spongebob Wearing Santa Hat Spongebob Christmas Sweater

Spongebob Wearing Santa Hat Spongebob Christmas Sweater, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Spongebob Wearing Santa Hat Spongebob Christmas Sweater! Over the weekend, Naomi Biden, the great-granddaughter of President Biden, married her husband Peter Neal on the South Lawn of the White House. For the big day, she wore a Grace Kelly-inspired lace gown by Ralph Lauren, featuring a high neckline with a ship neckline and dramatic veil. Remember Princess Grace of Monaco? Biden’s elegant beauty. Her honey-brown hair was swept back in a sleek high bun worthy of Hollywood royalty, while her light, inner makeup was accentuated by a pair of cat eyes. spread evenly and have pretty pink lips. “It’s a timeless bridal style,” says hairstylist Xavier Velasquez, who met Biden through longtime brow artist Azi Sacks about the sculptural bun he created: “It’s a timeless bridal hairstyle.

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For styling, Velasquez started by drying long sections of hair and using a tail comb to finish off the straight center with hairspray. After securing the hair just below the crown and creating volume by combing back and messing with the center of the hair, he created a bun and pinned it in place. Sure to inspire countless brides-to-be, Biden’s wedding day hairstyle was not only a beautiful addition to the high neckline of the dress but also a break from the trend of flowing or flowing hair. half-head bun. “Over the past decade, a lot of brides have let their hair down or curled,” explains Velasquez. Spongebob Wearing Santa Hat Spongebob Christmas Sweater! “This is a really popular and beautiful way to give a nod to something very classic, while still giving it a modern feel. In the same spirit, makeup artist Shayna Goldberg dreamed of a “clean and bright” makeup look. “She has striking eyebrows and beautiful blue eyes.