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At first, Clark was wary about taking on the role, largely because Tesori’s melodies seemed less suited to her singing voice than to the girlish treble of her speaking voice, with its hint of vocal fry. But as she spent time with her character, she recalls, “I fell in love with her—her bravery and her chutzpah—and I thought, Oh, she’s here to teach me something deep about change and life and self-awareness.” One thing that gave Clark no trouble was accessing her inner teen. “I remember what it was like to be 15 or 16 in my bones,” she says. “I was a misfit—insanely awkward and homely, with a dorky haircut and no idea how to dress. But I was also super-brainy and kind of a cutup, and I didn’t really care what I looked like, though of course I sort of did.”

Argentina 78 world cup shirt

If the tentative, searching chemistry between Clark and Cooley, as the equally out-of-place Seth, is palpable, that’s because it’s entirely real. “I know he’s only 19, but he’s an old soul,” Clark says. “And he’s super professional—so intuitive and instinctive and beautiful. Sometimes, during the last scene, I look over at his face, and he doesn’t have any lines on it, and I think, He’s at the very beginning of his life, and I’m…maybe not in my last chapter, but getting toward the end of the book. And I think maybe Kim has those thoughts too.”

Argentina 78 world cup s hoodie-white

Cooley, who grew up as a studious choir boy in Kansas City, Kansas, discovered his love for the stage relatively late, by which I mean in high school. He got a chance to audition for Kimberly Akimbo after the creative team saw a tape of him performing a number from Disney’s Anastasia at the Jimmy Awards (the equivalent of the Tonys for teenage musical theater kids across the country). Stone decided that the openness and feeling that he brought to the stage were more important than his lack of experience. “Justin has the soul of a storyteller, and I think he’s done something really beautiful with that part,” she says.

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