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“Makeup is such an important element to bringing a character to life that I start there first before I even pick out my costume. I start with Ben Nye Master Creme palette because they layer beautifully and create a great base if you’re painting your entire face. You can use the 12 colors on their own or mix them together to create the shade you’re looking for to nail your character.” “I am such a big fan of the Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow Palette in shade 364 Candeur Et Seduction by Chanel. It’s such a beautiful palette to have on hand and you can create so many versatile looks with it. We all can use a red palette for Halloween, from romantic costumes with exaggerated rose eyes to a zombie with deep red eyelids.”

Most Likely To Be Grillin’ And Chillin’ Funny Santa Grilling Shirt

Among the many models who rely on lash-enhancing serums is Brooke Shields. While her beauty regimen is composed of high-tech tools and gentle skin salves, she calls out a specific product to thicken her lashes. Thanks to the Grande lash serum, the star was able to rejuvenate her once-diminishing lashes. A saving grace for the model who admits she can never have too much mascara on, it’s a product that Shields is sure to apply a healthy coat of to her top and bottom lashes. “I was always wearing waterproof mascara, and I realized that it was harder to take off and I was sort of losing my eyelashes,” recounts the 57-year-old in her episode of Beauty Secrets. “[So] I used that GrandeLash MD, the serum thing—and it really works. It’s helped them grow back.”

Most Likely To Be Grillin’ And Chillin’ Funny Santa Grilling Shirt Hoodie

This is certainly not the first we’ve heard of the serum’s praise. We know that while a curler and coat of the best mascara will certainly work wonders for your lashes, serums really amp up the volume. Thus we asked experts to detail the best eyelash-growth serums that don’t require a trip to a dermatologist. Among the top picks was the Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, which dermatologist Purvisha Patel discloses is her favorite even for personal use.

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