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Nice jingle Bells Biden Smells Christmas Light T-shirt! The World Cup is happening in Qatar and things are getting pretty tense. The heat is on and heaps of money are being shredded because the country doesn’t have a stellar record on women’s rights and LGBTQ. I wish there was a light-hearted column for today, but the intersections between big sports and oppressive regimes abound on the internet. Let me briefly summarize Qatar’s sexist social structure. Women must obtain permission from their male guardians to marry, study abroad, work in the government, or travel abroad. Some reproductive health care also needs his consent. Homosexuality is illegal, and anyone in a same-sex relationship can be heavily fined and sentenced to three years in prison. If you are a Muslim, according to the interpretation of the Shariah.

You can also be sentenced to death by stoning. I don’t know how to follow up that fact with any uplifting comments, or anything believable, it’s absolutely horrible. Understandably, people are angry that the World Cup is being held on such discriminatory land. London saw protests outside the Qatari embassy, ​​with banners condemning sexism, homophobia, and the environmental impact of the cup. David Beckham has been heavily criticized for his (rumored) $178 million contract to become a World Cup ambassador. (He has yet to comment.) Sitting at home in front of our screens, Nice jingle Bells Biden Smells Christmas Light T-shirt! there’s something pretty creepy about all the footage of fans running for goals, knowing that people are living in shame and fear for their lives in the same city. The combination of joy and fear was horrible.