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Xmas Adult Humor Winter Holiday Gifts Men’s Christmas Shirt! But of course, Raf didn’t go. He is the flagship center of one of the world’s luxury powerhouses, designing men’s and women’s apparel with Miuccia Prada. She is quoted as saying he has an indefinite contract (which is almost reminiscent of the lifetime arrangement Karl Lagerfeld had with Fendi.) That sounds like a lot of security. and a lot of work, especially when he commutes between Milan and Milan. and his home in Antwerp. Enough for any designer who wants a little balance in their private life. But finding out what could be the reason behind his announcement of the closure of his brand whether work pressure, a dark economic environment or a change of heart in middle age is one thing. complex that Raf was interested in. His situation sounds most similar.

Demna at Balenciaga, who also chose to focus on his work at a fashion label while discontinuing his association with Vetements, the brand he founded. Perhaps the idea that people in the fashion industry should do multiple jobs at once is finally obsolete. Some have suggested that the much earlier departures of fashion gods Helmut Lang and Martin Margiela bear similarities to Raf. They are examples of designers whose workload is becoming more and more revered since they also stopped at the top of their game. The name of Raf Simons will remain invulnerable, in the same way. There is a difference, though. Lang and Margiela sold their brand before they left. Xmas Adult Humor Winter Holiday Gifts Men’s Christmas Shirt! Independent Raf Simons. He can wrap it up as he wants and can open it as well. Diehard fans remember there was a time when he took a break from his brand and then came back.