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“The Thread of Strength: Lace from the Textile Museum in St. Gallen,” a fascinating exhibit curated by Emma Cormack, Ilona Kos, and Michele Majer—on display until January 1 at the Bard Graduate Center in Manhattan—brings to New Yorkers for the first time. – in-depth exploration of this complex and elusive subject for 40 years. More than 150 historical examples of lace—including an 18th-century de Venice spike; a 19th century black Chantilly lace shawl; and an extremely rare hood, the late 17th-century It for women — on loan from the collection of the St. Gallen. (Earlier this fall, I visited the beautiful city near the shores of Lake Constance in northeastern Switzerland. A center of textile production since the mid-13th century, it is also home to a beautiful Baroque library such as jade; a 100-year-old museum that hosts Swiss designer Akris; and a trio of manufacturers who are opening up lacemaking and embroidery techniques into the 21st century—but more on that later.)

Kane comics merch official brickboy cap shirt

Photo: Getty Images Arguably not since the OJ Simpson trial has had a legal battle with the TV celebrity that has completely saturated such culture. TikTok is the new CourtTV in terms of trial tracking in which Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of defaming him in a 2018 Washington Post commentary (Heard objected). The Virginia trial was a train crash, a circus, and a “dump,” as Vogue’s Raven Smith wrote, one that has sparked a flurry of online criticism of women from across the world. Depp’s defenders. The June guilty verdict was a mixed bag, requiring Heard to pay Depp $15 million in punitive damages, while also awarding Heard $2 million. The decision was in Depp’s favor, but there was really no winner. Lace is paradoxical: a fabric is characterized by its open space. It performs no strictly pragmatic functions; it neither covers the body nor warms it. For centuries, however, it has remained a prized luxury item, with pieces passed down through the generations and remade to match the latest trends. Across Europe and the Americas, lace – made into necklines, cuffs, jabots, caps, bodices and lace trims – adorned the bodies and hems of handkerchiefs of the rich and powerful. power, including the nobility and the church hierarchy. However, these high-status quirks are the result of thousands of hours of labor by anonymous (and largely underpaid) women whose nimble fingers work piecemeal from home. or free in orphanages and convents.

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2022: the year Lizzo’s flute sparks a bitter political conflict. In September, Lizzo, a highly trained flute player, accepted an invitation from the Library of Congress to visit the institute in Washington, D.C. and play a 200-year-old crystal flute once owned by the President. James Madison. The next night, the handlers of the Library of Congress—with an escort from the Capitol Police—delivered the flute to Lizzo to play again during her tour that stopped at Capital One Arena. Some celebrate the symbolism of a Black woman reclaiming an instrument once owned by a slave-owning president; others—*other conservatives*—grasp the pearls and lament what they call the desecration of history. These claims, however, paled in comparison to Lizzo’s glee on stage: “Fuck, I’m fit and playing on James Madison’s crystal flute from the 1800s,” she exclaimed. “We just made history tonight!”

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