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As we neared the finish line at Valletta’s Grand Harbour, we were greeted by the numerous speedboats of spectators who had come to lead us home; They are just as excited as we are. As we crossed the line, the Rolex team congratulated our exhilarating team. And as soon as we docked back on the shore, the celebration begins as we pack up our boats and get ready for the next race. That evening, and after our first shower in days, Recordati took the team out for the most amazing 10-course meal in a beautiful location overlooking Valletta’s main square. Over wine and rum, we talked about the race, our tactics, the ships still at sea, and the trajectory of the sailing industry for the next generation of female sailors to level up. As the sun sets at the 2022 Rolex Middle Sea Race, I feel optimistic.

Perseverance The Best Of Zuby Shirt

However, while I Love Poland may be a few steps ahead here, gender inclusion is starting to develop more widely in the sport. This year, America’s Cup made a “race announcement” for its first Women’s America Cup, and the Round the World Sea Race aims to have equal men and women offshore sailors by 2030. Meanwhile, women’s team owners like the iconic sailors and businesswomen Wendy Schmidt and Dona Bertarelli are gaining popularity as they make their mark at the highest level. Cruise I Love Poland. Photo: Robert Hajduk However, it is pioneering shows like I Love Poland that will begin to foster a new generation of female talent to then participate in these professional and prestigious races. And while there is still a long way to go, tangible progress is being made to make offshore sailing a viable career path for women. Niklas Zennström, team owner of Ran third in his class in Malta, co-founded Skype and is now a prominent London venture capitalist. “Variety creates exceptional results, whether in startups or sailing,” he told me during a pre-race drink. “The dynamics on our boat when we have women are different; it’s better.”

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It’s the former that usually has the strongest female rep, for some reason. First, athletes can train on the water but live on land, as most races take place close to shore. Training for its longstanding racing calendar is rigorously organized, with many rowing clubs offering access to full-fledged coaches; There is also a known progression through regional, national and international competitive standards. Most importantly, in Olympic sailing, the women race against other women. On the other hand, the race at sea couldn’t be more different. Athletes spend most of their time at sea, away from family. There is little structure or definite trajectory to get into the top teams or top races. Rowing clubs usually do not organize offshore training and have very few, if any, professional coaches. And importantly, female offshore racers are competing head-to-head with men to get on board in weeks-long races that require extreme physical endurance, of which in some of the most important roles. determined on board, it can be difficult — if not impossible — to surpass male competitors in terms of physical fitness.

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