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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.The second documentary to have been commissioned by the princes to mark the 20th anniversary of their mother’s death, Henry Singer’s tribute hones in on the week following her fatal car crash in Paris. With both compassion and restraint, it weaves together the recollections of her closest confidantes as they processed the accident and the run-up to her funeral, while also witnessing the global outpouring of grief it prompted. It acts as an affecting companion piece to The Queen, Stephen Frears’s reimagining of the same slice of recent history, viewed from the perspective of Helen Mirren’s grieving monarch. While Princess Diana did not grant interviews to Andrew Morton for his 1992 biography, Diana: Her True Story, she did answer the journalist’s questions via a series of secret tapes. These raw, revealing recordings form the basis of Tom Jennings’s account of her life, which take us from her tumultuous childhood to the early days of her romance with Prince Charles and beyond. She speaks with devastating candor about her battle with bulimia and postnatal depression; her confrontations with Camilla Parker Bowles about her ongoing relationship with her husband; and her increasing sense of isolation within the royal family. Though undeniably one-sided, it offers a fascinating insight into her state of mind at the time—and hearing her voice, nervous and halting as she attempts to tell her own story, is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.How to watch: Stream on Amazon.

It's A Philly Thing T Shirt

In Ashley Gething’s unbelievably touching ode to the former Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry come together for the first time to speak publicly about their mother. They delve through personal photo albums and reflect on their memories of her as an always affectionate, fun-loving parent who had a pronounced naughty streak as well as a keen understanding of life beyond palace walls. There are contributions from other friends and family too, from her brother Charles Spencer to Elton John, and an examination of her commitment to the various causes she championed, but most poignant are the moments in which her sons speak about coming to terms with their loss, their voices audibly breaking.

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No, actually [laughs]. I have been refreshing the page with the Black Panther tracklist but I know nothing else about what’s happening—everything is NDA with them.What was the energy like when you saw the first Black Panther screening, in Nigeria? It was super packed. First of all, I didn’t actually get a seat—they started selling on the stairs. I remember people screaming; there was a character that’s meant to be from a tribe in Nigeria. He was Igbo, and he said something and the whole theatre was like, “Yooooooo!” It was lit. It was very lit. The fifth season of The Crown chronicles one of the most turbulent chapters of Princess Diana’s life—a six-year period over which her marriage to Prince Charles crumbled, against the backdrop of explosive royal biographies, even more explosive TV interviews, and highly publicized romances on both sides. But, as with all dramatizations of her life, from Pablo Larraín’s surreal Spencer to the numerous TV movies that have been released in the 25 years since her death, they leave us with more questions than answers. Here, we select four eye-opening documentaries to watch now for a fuller and more nuanced understanding of Princess Diana’s life and legacy, from her difficult childhood to her private struggles with her physical and mental health, her game-changing charitable work, and the seismic impact her passing had on her family, the country, and the world at large.

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